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Was perhaps the outstanding influence in his life, at least he thought so. But its effects on him were different from its effects on the Ottomans. It is the external effect of Islam on the Imperialist Ottoman which is most evident. In the first place it was a and of law. Beautiful part of the machinery of state with vocal mosques, rituals, religious ceremonies and with connected personal life, are music, public externals it these found in abundance. Apart from to say how much spiritual thought and Islam emotion gave to the Imperialist Ottomans, and how much the Ottoman was altered in adopting Islam.

Out of the seven Koran and out of the thousands and fifteen of thousands prophetic sayings they chose hundred as having any legal importance. verses of the Count Leon Ostrorog, lecturer in Law and Turkish Land Law Public Mohammedan in the Univer- internationally known Arabic scholar, speaks of the Islamic law in very high terms in his book called

The eternal dirge, which turns into a monotonous whine at genius. times in Byzantine music, is not there. The religious chants took on a simple grandeur of their own, and the dance music acquired a spontaneous gaiety which neither the Arab nor the Byzantine school possessed. If the Ottomans missed something ultimately Greek good by not going directly to the Byzantine scholars in the domain of thought and philosophy, of charthey also lost some of their valuable assets acter The direct influence of Byzantine society.

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