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The Multi Block approach was adopted for two reasons, first to facilitate the generation of meshes around realistic configurations, and second to use parallel computers 50 efficiently by solving the flow equations in different blocks in parallel. The work presented here was performed in the frame of the EC ESPRIT III project Parallel Aero, which was part of the EUROPORT 1 project. The objectives of the Parallel Aero project were twofold, first investigate whether the current generation of Massively Parallel Computers is capable of solving the Navier-Stokes equations for aerodynamic design in a turn around time required by a design office, and second study the feasibility to develop a machine-independent and scalable parallel NSMB code by porting the NSMB code to several different parallel platforms using standard message passing libraries such as PVM or PARMACS.

The test case is the transonic flow around the Aerospatiale AS28G aircraft model on a medium sized grid with 410000 cells. Four SP2 processors are sufficient to surpass Cray performance. ) Figures 3a-b show two further examples. Figure 3a refers to the aerospace code CEL3GR in solving the hypersonic flow around a blunt nose body consisting of 65000 mesh cells. In this case, 6-7 processors are sufficient to surpass Cray YMP performance. Figure 3b refers to the ESAUNA code in simulating the transonic flow (Euler equations) around a wing body combination (standard AGARD test case) consisting of 350000 mesh cells.

J. Mod. Phys, C 4 (1993), 955. 6. J. Y-K. M. Polvani, to appear on Phys. Fluids (1996). Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics: Algorithms and Results Using Advanced Computers P. Schiano, A. Ecer, J. Periaux and N. V. All fights reserved. 39 E U R O P O R T : Parallel C F D for industrial applications K. Stiiben, H. -A. Thole and O. Thomas German National Research Center for Information Technology (GMD) Institute SCAI, SchloB Birlinghoven, 53757 St. Augustin, Germany The European Commission has promoted European industry through the Europort initiative (within the ESPRIT 11I programme) by partially funding the porting of 38 industrially relevant codes to parallel computers.

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