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This document is an research into the function of the sleep laboratory as a automobile for learning a variety of points of knowledge processing outdoor of expertise.

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40 J. ALLAN HOBSON Callaway, C. , Baghdoyan, H. , & Hobson, J. A. (1987). Ponto-geniculo-occipital waves: Spontaneous visual system activation occurring in REM sleep. Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology, 7, 105- 149. , McCarley, R. , & Hobson, J. A. (198 1). Aminergic neurons: State control and plasticity in three model systems. Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology, I, 123-166. Hess, W. R. (1954). The diencephalic sleep centre. In E. D. Adrian, F. Bremer, & H. H. ), Brain mechanisms and consciousness (pp.

Science, 201,269-272. McCarley, R. , Nelson, J. , Hobson, J. , & Strassman, A. ( 198 1). A cross-correlo- Neurocognition 23 gram study of PGO-related neuronal activity in tegmental reticular nucleus, central tegmental field, and superior colliculus. Sleep Research, 10, 38. McCarley, R. , Winkelman, J. , & DUG,F. H. ( 1 983). Human cerebral potentials associated with REM sleep rapid eye movements: Link to PGO waves and waking potentials. Brain Research, 274, 359-364. McClelland, J. , Rumelhart, D.

Recently, Antrobus, Hartwig, Rosa, Reinsel, and Fein (1987) scaled variations on a single color photograph for brightness and clarity of focus using a magnitude estimation technique where 100represented the focus and brightness of normal waking vision. Photos were arranged in a 4 X 4, Brightness X Focus matrix. Upon awakening, subjects selected the photo that best represented the visual quality of each of the brightest and clearest (maximum = 5) objects or persons in their sleep mentation. Across all conditions, the brightness of visual imagery approximated that of visual perception more than did the clarity of focus, and both indices were highest during waking, slightly lower for REM, and lowest for NREM imagery responses.

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