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By Franco Modigliani

To elucidate the worldwide debate on social safeguard, the authors determine the elemental offerings in designating any process to assist coverage makers increase the method that achieves their many goals. as the good fortune of reforms depends upon monetary innovation to mitigate key hazards, strategies are mentioned which display how pension reform offerings impact the success of retirement ambitions. eventually, the authors study proposed hybrid ideas to teach how their helpful beneficial properties will be captured via making plans inside of a unmarried fund. Hb ISBN (2004) 0-521-83411-2

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They also suffer from the inability to diversify 22:29 P1: JYD/... P2: FCH/FFX 0521834112c02 QC: IYP/... 2 These risks include demographics, economic growth, and asset market performance. For a sustainable social security system to function in the United States and other countries, contributions will have to rise, or benefits will have to fall dramatically by the middle of this century. Defined benefit (DB) plans have a built-in intergenerational pooling of the aforementioned risks. Well-designed DB plans can withstand short-term shocks.

T1: FCH CB699-Modigliani-v1 A Taxonomy of Pension Reform Issues April 22, 2004 31 opposed to government-endorsed bodies overseeing assets fear that large sums of money under the control of political bodies could lead to renationalizing of private companies. The threat of renationalization of privatized companies through government ownership of equity is negated if the social security system is legally set up to ensure that the equity is owned by individuals but managed on their behalf by the oversight body.

P2: FCH/FFX 0521834112c02 QC: IYP/... 2 Obligations and benefits for different pension models Design features 1 2 Contribution Accumulation Volunt. Mandat. Funded Fixed/ variable Partial/ full PAYGO 3 Terminal outcome Defined benefits Variable benefits 4 Asset management Indiv. mandated Some/total Total Some Some Variable Fixed Fixed Fixed Variable Real If assets Limited Limited Some portion Real loans, educational loans, or credit card balances that carry commercial or premium rates of interest, often higher than any prospective return on their mandated savings.

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