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1. m. m. 1, by multiplying the hourly building cooling load by the present chiller efficiency (air-cooled). If these data are not available, a kWh consumption meter can be used to compute the electricity consumption of the chiller. Next, using manufacturers’ efficiency data, the kWh consumption for the proposed water-cooled chiller can be estimated. The difference between present (3915 kWh) and proposed (1803 kWh) total daily kWh consumption gives the daily savings (2112 kWh). Additional savings will also result from reduction in peak power demand if the peaks for power usage and cooling load coincide.

Care should be taken to ensure that all areas of the new combined system can withstand the higher static pressure imposed by the office tower chilled water distribution system. If required, heat exchangers can be installed to hydraulically isolate the office tower and retail podium systems. The most logical choice in this case would be to use the chiller plant serving the office tower to act as the combined central plant. 19. Since this plant has three 500-RT chillers, only two machines need to be operated during daytime to meet the expected combined cooling load.

The main types of compressors used are reciprocating, scroll, screw, and centrifugal. Reciprocating compressors use pistons and connecting rods driven by a crankshaft, as shown in Fig. 6. The crankshaft is driven by a motor. In open type drives, the drive motor is mounted externally and the crankshaft extends through a seal out of the crankcase. In hermetic systems, the motor and the compressor are contained in the same housing and the crankshaft and motor are in direct contact with the refrigerant.

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