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In The Sublime Puritan : Milton and the Victorians . Madison: Univ . of Wisconsin Press, 1963, 20-38 . Highly regarded in the nineteenth century, Milton's sonnets fulfill the Victorian preference for sincere expression, simple style, and intimate subject matter . By revealing Milton as a man capable of friendship and compliment as well as humility and despair, they qualify traditional views of him as a stern Puritan and woman hater . " In John Milton : A Rea4er's Guide to His Poetry . New York : Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1963, 140-74 .

After writing conventional sonnets of erotic longing in English and Italian (Sonnets 1-6), Milton extends the range of the English sonnet by composing poems which discuss his vocation (7, 19, and 22), pay tribute to friends and acquaintances (9-10, 13-14, 20-21, and 23), offer advice to political and military figures (8 and 15-17), and object to religious persecution and civil injustice (11-12, 18, and "On the New Forcers of Conscience") . Patterned after Italian rather than English models, the sonnets show the Petrarchan abba/abba rhyme scheme in their octaves and the more flexible rhyming patterns of Tasso, Della Casa, and Bembo in their sestets (eight variations occur in the 25 poems) .

D . , University of Montpellier III, 1979, 1 :215-88 ; 2 :663-64 . Predominately historical or biographical in nature, twentieth-century critical approaches to Milton's sonnets focus most often on his use of Italian models and forms, his themes, and the circumstances surrounding their composition (see entry 177) . The formalist criticism of Smart, Honigmann, Prince, and Saillens figures prominently in their critical history and elicits a diverse response from subsequent commentators (see entries 24, 94, 201, 239, and 262) .

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