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The other precedence relation is vocabulary layering and this hold between different operations, for example, Case and theta theory (see Chapter 2, 3, and 4 for discussion). Further, operations like Adjoin-α may follow Move-α, and this explains the anti-Reconstruction facts of van Riemsdijk and INTRODUCTION 5 Williams (1981); such facts cannot be easily explained in the representational mode (see Chapter 3). In general, throughout this work I will interleave acquisition data and theory with ‘pure’ syntactic theory, since I do not really differentiate between them.

String adjacent, applies to minor categories, closed class elements, minimal projections. The set of properties listed under the movement types is intended as a pretheoretical characterization only, with the formal status of this division to be determined in detail. , perhaps Hop-α, but not Move-α, is restricted to particular syntactic levels. Further, the exact empirical extension of Hop-α is left undetermined. e. closed class selected morphemes, onto the governed element, in particular the governed verb.

John plants the garden with trees. Of course, it is possible to take account of this theoretically, along the lines that Koopman (1984) suggests, where the Case-assigning features are split off from the verb itself. But the degree of freedom necessitated in this proposal, while quite possible from the point of view of a synchronic description of the grammar, A RE-DEFINITION OF THE PROBLEM 19 makes it unattractive as a learnability trigger (in the sense of (7) above). In particular, the abstract Case-assigning features, now separated from the verb, could no longer allow the presence of an accusative marked object to be the invariable marker of the verb itself, and thus allow the child to determine the deep structure position of the verb within the VP.

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