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By David Waller, Lynn Nadel

Spatial cognition is a department of cognitive psychology that reviews how humans gather and use wisdom approximately their surroundings to figure out the place they're, the right way to receive assets, and the way to discover their method domestic. Researchers from a variety of disciplines, together with neuroscience, cognition, and sociology, have stumbled on very much approximately how people and different animals feel, interpret, behave in, and speak approximately space.

This booklet addresses probably the most vital dimensions of spatial cognition, comparable to neuroscience, notion, reminiscence, and language. It offers a huge but targeted assessment that's invaluable not just to lecturers, practitioners, and complicated scholars of psychology, but additionally to urban planners, architects, software program designers, sociologists, and somebody else who seeks to appreciate how we understand, interpret, and engage with the realm round us.

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