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S. Goodyear, IEC, AnalEd 4, 73(1932), is similar to the 78 Surveillance above tests, except the temperature of hearing is different Sympatheti c Detonation Test. See Detonation by Influence Test Taliani Test for detg the thermal stability of NG, NC, aad NG propellants was first described in 1921(Ref 1). 3 g of sample is placed, closed with a ground-glass top and connected with a paraffin trap, the top of which is connected to a Hg manometer. The entire app, except the manometer, is heated in a specially constructed oven at 1200 far NG or NG contg propellant, and at 135° far NC.

50 sod beat for 40 hrs unless an excesA sive emt of gas( 11+ml) will be evolved in less time. Remove the COO1 RT and observe the atm press. Measure rbe total vertiapp, P cal height of the column of Hg in tbe capillary(C) and subtract the vertical height of the column in the cup(D). Calculate the VOl D of liberated gas from the difference betw the initial end final levlb els, as well as the vol of the capillary per unit of length, the vol of tube(A), and the atm press sod temp conditions at the beginning and end of the test.

See Detonation Rate Tests Vitesse de detonation. Fr for Detonation Rate Vivacite, Determination de 10. Fr for Quicknees of Burning of Propellants, Determination Volatility of Explosives ond Related Substances may be expressed by the loss of wt per unit of its exposed surface at a given temp and in unit time. Two of the volatility tests used in the US are: 100° Heat Test(qv) and 75o International Test(qv) test conducted by leaving a weighed sample in a R. Colson, MP 30, 55(1948) describes a French volatility container of a known surface in dry air at arm press and at a desired temp(such as 600) for several hours or daya and then reweighing.

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Download Encyclopedia of Explosives and Related Items (Vol 01) by U.S. Army Research and Development Command.; TACOM, ARDEC.; PDF
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