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By Jason Sanders

This paintings provides a research of equipment invaluable for modeling and realizing dynamical platforms within the Galaxy. A usual coordinate method for the research of dynamical platforms is the angle-action coordinate method. New equipment for the approximation of the action-angle variables more often than not potentials are awarded and mentioned. those new instruments are utilized to the development of dynamical types for 2 of the Galaxy’s parts: tidal streams and the Galactic disc. Tidal streams are remnants of tidally stripped satellites within the Milky means that have the results of the massive scale constitution of the Galactic gravitational power, whereas the Galactic disc presents insights into the character of the Galaxy close to the solar. applicable action-based types are provided and mentioned for those parts, and prolonged to incorporate additional info equivalent to the metallicity of stars.

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3 Estimating Actions in a Fitted Stäckel Potential 27 if not, then we calculate I3 from Eq. 10) using only the initial phase-space point. This procedure2 reduces the numerical noise around the turning points, particularly in R. 5. With the three isolating integrals calculated, we are in a position to estimate the actions and angles using the method outlined in Sect. 2. The limits of the orbit are redetermined by finding from Eq. 10) the points where pτ2 = 0 using Brent’s method, and are not given by τ± .

How can we find the angle-action coordinates in a general potential? Chapters 5 and 6 of this thesis will aim to answer these questions. 7 Overview of Thesis This thesis discusses approaches to modelling the dynamics of the Milky Way. The common aim is to understand the structure of the Galaxy, particularly the distribution of dark matter, by various dynamical probes. We focus on two dynamical probes to achieve this goal: extended distribution function modelling of the Galactic disc 12 1 Introduction provides constraints on the local structure of the Galaxy, which is complemented by the more global constraints provided by tidal streams.

2012a) are far too small, as two significant sources of error are neglected. We also demonstrate that the method leads to biases in the vertical velocity dispersion gradient with Galactic height. This work is based on that published by Sanders (2012b). 7 Extended Distribution Functions for the Galactic Disc In Chap. 8, we present an extension to the action-based distribution functions of Binney (2012b) which includes metallicity information. 7 Overview of Thesis 15 presence of selection effects.

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