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By Jeffrey A. Miron

A balanced and complicated research of the genuine charges, advantages, and outcomes of imposing drug prohibition is gifted during this booklet. Miron argues that prohibition's results on drug use were modest and that prohibition has quite a few unintended effects, such a lot of them hugely bad. specifically, prohibition is proven to at once raise violent crime, even in situations the place it deters drug use. Miron's research results in a nerve-racking finding-the extra assets given to the struggle opposed to medicinal drugs, the better the murder fee. the prices and merits of numerous possible choices to the warfare on medicinal drugs are tested. the belief is unequivocal and states that any of the main greatly mentioned possible choices could be a considerable development over present coverage.

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S. homicide rate is similar to or less than the rate in manv countries. S. rate, and several others have rates that are close. Every country in this group has a homicide rate in excess o f the average for the rich countries other than the United States. S. , rich coun­ try average. Thus, the level o f homicide in the United States stands out in comparison to other rich, democratic countries, but not in comparison to the world as a whole. These data are partially, but not entirely, suggestive o f the main hypothesis considered here.

Fajnzylber, Lederman, and Loayza (1998, 1999) find for the period 1970- 1994 that being a drug-producing country or having a high drugpossession arrest rate is positively associated with a higher homicide rate. Shephard and Blackley (2003) find for the 1996-2000 period that drug arrest rates are generally positively associated with crime rates over time within counties in New York State. Thus, a broad range o f evidence is consistent with the hypothesis that prohibition increases violence. 5 Is Prohibition Good Policy?

Two (Maine and New Hampshire) were in northern, rural New Eng­ land” (Merz 1931: 19). Only two (Michigan and Indiana) w’ere populated, industrial states. The role o f state prohibition is also not compelling because the laws in many states were weak; in particular, they fell far short of bone-dry prohibition (Merz 1931: 2 0 -2 2 ). Many states allowed importation o f certain quantities o f alcohol an d /or home manu­ facture. 7 Indeed, both wets and drys agreed the state laws were ineffective. Wets offered this as evidence prohibition was foolish, while drys used it to argue that only national prohibition could reduce alcohol consumption.

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