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But there was also the life and death aspect. That certainly had some impact on the proceedings. ” Ray’s voice from the corridor was high pitched and cracked as he spoke. ” “We need to catch it. If not, then what? It gets out? ” Ray let out an even higher pitched laugh. “There’s no way. I’m… No. I’m not having any part of this. You’re insane, Barnum. ” “Fine,” I said. ” The click-drag noise of Ray’s exit wasn’t wasted on the others and Jacob pushed past, leaning out of the office to shout after him but he didn’t stop for a second.

Haven’t got one. ” He stomped safely around the tigerless corner. I took my own phone out and pushed the redial button. Somehow there was a signal here and somehow Ray knew that. Agatha picked up instantly. ” she said. “Course. Listen I need you to do something for me. There’s a caretaker here called Ray. Can you find out who the last person was he phoned. On his mobile. ” “Exactly the sort of thing. ” “Well, yeah. For now. ” And she hung up. ” “Erm, probably not,” said Jacob, pointing at the monitor.

Lori shook her head and looked away from me to the monitors. ” I laughed. ” Lori screamed for the second time this evening. I was quite proud of the fact that this time I didn’t pass out. ” She pointed at the screens. On one of the monitors we could see Ray talking on his mobile phone and walking to a corner. That in itself wasn’t particularly worrying but when you took into account monitor number two which featured a tiger approaching the same corner, the matter shifted seriousness somewhat.

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