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By Mike Westerfield

Why easily play track or go browsing if you happen to can use your iPhone or iPad for a few relatively enjoyable initiatives, resembling construction a steel detector, hacking a radio keep an eye on truck, or monitoring a version rocket in flight? construct those and different cool issues by utilizing iOS gadget sensors and cheap resembling Arduino and a Bluetooth Low strength (LE) Shield.

This hands-on booklet exhibits you ways to put in writing uncomplicated functions with techBASIC, an Apple-approved improvement atmosphere that runs on iOS units. through the use of code and instance courses outfitted into techBASIC, you’ll methods to write apps at once in your Apple equipment and feature it engage with different hardware.

• construct a steel detector with the iOS magnetometer
• Use the HiJack platform to create a plant moisture sensor
• placed your iPhone on a small rocket to assemble acceleration and rotation data
• Hack a radio regulate truck with Arduino and Bluetooth LE
• Create an arcade video game with an iPad controller and iPhone paddles
• keep watch over a sweet laptop with an iOS machine, a micro servo, and a WiFi connection

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Initialize the plot and show it. setTitle("Rotation in Degrees per Second") The Magnetometer Starting ((()))with the iPhone 3GS, all iPhones include a three-axis magnetometer. It’s used mostly as a digital compass for map-based applications, but it can also measure surrounding magnetic fields. We’ll put that ability to use to create a simple metal detector in Chapter 3, but we’ll start with a very basic app here, shown in Figure 2-3. You can also use a magnetometer to find wires and other sources of current, or just to amuse yourself with refrigerator magnets.

Now imagine running a current through a wire and applying a magnetic field to the wire at the same time. The moving electrons will shift from an even distribution in the wire, moving very slightly to one side. The stronger the magnetic field, the more they will move. If you can measure this shift in the current, you can tell if there is a magnetic field present, and how strong it is. This is called the Hall effect, and it’s how the AK8973 chip detects a magnetic field. ) The AK8973 chip is the one used in the iPhone 3GS.

We’re going to finesse this problem for the metal detector, but The Earth’s Magnetic Field | 47 it’s one you’ll have to deal with for other magnetometer applications—more on that later. Using the iPhone or iPad as a Metal Detector Earlier we talked about the fact that currents can create magnetic fields, and magnetic fields can create currents. Metal also affects a magnetic field. A metal is a material that has at least one electron that is loosely bound to the parent atom, making it relatively easy to move the electrons from one atom to another.

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