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Vienna Organisme Regional de DeVeloppement (Regional Development Organization). Burkina Faso Office de la Recherche Scientifique e Technique Outre-Mer (Overseas Scientific and Technical Research Office). Paris Office of Technology Assessment. United States Congress. Washington Phosphorus (P2O5) Pennsylvania, United States Programa de Alimentacidn Nacional (National Food Program). Argentina Philippine Council for Agriculture and Resources Research. Los Banos Philippine Council for Agriculture and Resource Research and Development.

Several caveats are in order. First, throughout this review, we shall emphasize research completed since 1970. The literature of the 1960s has already been covered in a number of surveys, including McLoughlin [1967] for East Africa and C. K. Eicher [1970] for West Africa. Second, we have concentrated on journal articles and books and have included only a few unpublished reports and theses. Third, we have found it impossible to provide uniform coverage of the literature by topic and for each of the forty-five countries.

Rice is also pervasive in West Africa where it is the staple food in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Mali [Bingen, 1985; Kamuanga, 1981]. For example, a 1974-75 survey in Sierre Leone revealed that rice was grown on over 97 percent of the small farms [D. S. C. Spencer and Byerlee, 1976]. Rice is grown in four major cropping systems: upland or rainfed, in paddies, in mangrove swamps, and on bottomlands (basfonds). Upland rice, which accounts for 75 percent of the rice cultivated in West Africa, is generally grown in a bush fallow system and is frequently intercropped with maize, millet, and cassava.

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