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Today he tells me that he has some good news and some bad. ’ I say I’m pleased for him. Apparently, they met in the pub where she’s living with her uncle. ‘She’s about a year older than me but I prefer older women,’ he says with an absolutely straight face. ’ In the school where I work as the counsellor, I also teach a lot of sex education which means that I’m a reliable source of free condoms. The more confident students come on their own to get supplies. The less confident ones come with a friend and the very unconfident students – always boys – come in large groups, leaning against the walls of the corridor outside my room and dodging each other’s insults as they wait their turn to say, ‘Yeah, me too.

And how much it hurts and how much you hate her for what she did. And how sometimes you hate yourself for not speaking to her but you can’t change anything because she’s the one who hurt you…’ She nods again. I wonder to myself whether sex with boys has become Emma’s way of re-enacting an experience of her mother who, in the middle of a row, seemed to choose her boyfriend over her daughter. Because now, no sooner does Emma — ╇ 4 4 ╇ — Young People in L ov e get someone for herself – someone promising love, someone she allows inside her – than that person withdraws and she’s left feeling worthless, exactly the way she felt after her mother appeared to side against her.

But if people took the time to get to know him, they’d realise that he’s not really like that. He wants to change – I know he does! He says I’m the best thing that’s ever — ╇ 3 9 ╇ — Young People in L ov e and in H at e happened to him. You should have seen him the other day – he was actually crying, telling me about how his dad used to treat him and his little brother. ’ Vicki’s choice of boyfriend attempts to tell her parents something important about herself. There are other girls who also choose difficult boyfriends – boys in trouble with the police, boys who drink too much, boys with troubled family histories – because they believe they can change the boy’s behaviour, heal his hurt.

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