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By William T. Vollmann

Within the jungles of South the US, at the ice fields of Alaska, the plains of the Midwest, and the streets of San Francisco, a fearsome conflict rages. The bugs are vying for global domination; the inventors of electrical energy stand in evil competition. trojan horse , a tender guy, rebels opposed to his personal style and joins forces with the bugs. Wayne, a thug, allies himself with the malevolent forces of electrical energy and vows to assassinate the preying mantis who has a tendency bar in Oregon. A brusque los angeles Pasionara with the sprightly identify of Millie leads an intrepid band of revolutionaries.
You vibrant and Risen Angels is the paintings of a rare mind's eye. during this free-wheeling novel of epic proportions, William T. Vollmann has crafted a biting, hilarious satire of heritage, know-how, politics, and erroneous love.

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I remember the way it wrapped around my shoulders and arms and thin and flicked its irritable, tongue in my ear, roUing its yellow eyes at me to see would hurt it; and I felt sorry for it and wanted to explain to it that I would never hurt it, but I was also afraid of it because it moved so fast and struck at things and when I let it out of the cage it hugged itself around me or Clara's bookshelf or the table leg very very tightly like a lover, so that when I pulled it away — as I had to do when I put it back in its house where it never wanted to go, just as it never wanted to come out when dearest Clara reached inside to play with it or take it to its mouse - it would always realize that it was going back to its luminous prison, and would resist hopelessly, popping its head out again while Clara was still trying to introduce its middle third back into the cage, and flickering its tongue at the sweet bright bulb of Clara's study lamp by the cage (if Clara Bee was not vigilant it would burn itself) so then Clara would have to confuse it and trick it until finally it slipped and tumbled in, and its whether I into the water bowl; then scudded determinedly into a cardboard box which we had awarded it, where it could hide and think that it had escaped; and putting the snake back inside tested almost all my strength, like opening an oyster shell to eat the oyster alive when the oyster knew it and fought it; so perhaps then I did hurt it, and I always felt guilty about compressing the poor unwilling thing into its cage again, for it occurred to me that at such times it might strike.

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