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By S. J. Rozan

Deepest detective invoice Smith is hurtled headlong into the main provocative-and personal-case of his profession while he gets a chilling overdue evening mobilephone name from the NYPD, who're conserving his fifteen-year-old nephew Gary. yet ahead of he can discover what is going on, Gary escapes Bill's custody and disappears into the darkish and unexpected streets... invoice and his associate, Lydia Chin, try and locate the lacking youngster and discover what it truly is that has led him up to now from domestic. Their seek takes them to Gary's kin in a small city in New Jersey, the place they observe that one in all Gary's classmates used to be murdered. invoice and Lydia delve into the crime-only to discover it eerily just like a decades-old murder-suicide...Now, together with his nephew's future-and possibly his very life-at stake, invoice needs to resolve a long-buried crime and confront the darkness of his personal past... Winter and evening is the winner of the 2003 Edgar Award for top Novel.

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Had Gary been depressed lately, distracted, different from usual? No, she said. He liked this new school, was excited to have made the varsity, looked forward to the school year, to the football games. His grades were good, and he'd played well when he'd gotten in, which wasn't often, of course. He was only a sophomore, and he was new. Nothing he wouldn't talk about, nothing she or Scott had sensed? No, nothing. Was he involved with drugs, I asked casually, either that she knew about, or even just suspected?

Two Back upstairs, I silenced the alarm, killed the music, called Vélez. I didn't give a damn what time it was. "Better be fuckin' important," was how he answered the phone. "It's Bill Smith," I said. " he groaned. " "Yeah," I said. "Ay, Chico—" "All you have to do is put on your underwear and go sit at your computer, Luigi. " "What I need my underwear for? " "A family. Russell: father Scott, in his forties; mother Helen, thirty-nine. Three kids: Gary, fifteen; Jennifer, eleven; Paula, nine. " "Three years ago.

There's a kid who's missing," I said, shaking out the match. " "Okay," she said, and then because that clearly wasn't all, she waited. "Gary Russell. He's fifteen. He left home Monday. " She was still waiting. " The kettle started to whistle. I got up to turn it off. She followed me with her eyes. " she said. " I opened the cabinet, realized I didn't know what kind of tea she wanted. "My sister Helen," I said. " "I didn't know you even had a sister," Lydia said slowly. " She got up, walked over and reached into the cabinet, took out a box of Yunnan tea she'd put there a week ago.

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