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By Gil Brewer

Noir thrillers initially released in 1959 and 1961, full of determined characters, twisted obsessions and loopy schemes. As invoice Pronzini stated of Gil Brewer, "he produced one of the most compelling noir softcover originals of the 1950's." listed here are of his top.

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If he was nothing else, he was a sailor. The very best there is. Nobody’s been aboard The Bayou Belle for a long time. ” “Stow it, Brookbank. You know better. You met Deke. ” He knew he shouldn’t have said that Clarkson’s face tightened into what might have been a grin. He came out of the chair, reaching quickly inside his coat. His hand held a gun. It was a Luger. “Hold it,” Lew said. ” “I’m not going to shoot you,” Clarkson said. “Not yet, anyway. ” Lew stood up slowly, his nerves twanging. The gun hung in Clarkson’s hand.

She had to come across. Yes. Hagan probably knew she would. Maybe he was stupid in some ways, but it took a certain kind of bright stupidity to think of, and reach out, and take the chance of pulling a crazy stunt like this. The one thing that stuck in Lew’s craw was killing Florence. There had to be a way to avoid that. Already, something was forming in the back of his mind. It held ironically humorous overtones. Hagan sat up on the couch. He was watching the hall doorway where Florence had vanished.

He cut across lawns to the spot where he had parked the Ford, and slid behind the wheel. Down the block, a car was backing swiftly from the Hagan driveway. Headlights glared, and it started forward with a roar in the street, tires screaming against the gritty gravel-and-tar surfaced roadway. It swept past Lew, doing a good fifty-five, and careened around the nearest corner. Lew followed as fast as he could. Florence was mad. She had a lot of spirit, that one. She had a good lot of everything. Darrigan Circle, the street on which the Hagans lived, wound through a large area before the street itself joined the main road toward the center of town.

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