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You by no means recognize, whilst it occurs, what is going to swap your lifestyles, what is going to leap you out of the rut you have been in, ship you flying off in a few new path. Manny's most modern rating left him with extra money than he is ever dreamed of, yet with cash comes chance -- from his associate, Rosey, who may get grasping, and from the Russian mobsters they stole it from. Worse, if he is busted back, he will return to legal for all times, leaving his motherless five-year-old son, Nicky, nonetheless trapped within the foster care method. With the type of guts born of panic and desperation, Manny grabs his son and heads for the wilds of Maine. whilst he discovers that the undesirable men are on his path, his impulse is, as ordinary, to run. however the humans he is met in Maine -- together with the neighborhood police leader -- became his not likely neighbors and an not going surrogate kin to his boy. Now they're all at risk, and reason why of him. Does Manny have what it takes to alter his street-tough methods and turn into a true father to Nicky? And does he dare to settle right into a new lifestyles, placing at stake the protection of everybody he has come to like? Norman eco-friendly provides a gripping portrait of a guy attempting to get away of the stranglehold of a lifetime of crime and create a destiny for himself and his son.

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Fishing season and hunting season, ’lantic salmon and deer. Gevier’s daughter Edna takes care of the place, cleans it up and whatnot. ” “I’m sure I will. Better than sleeping in the woods. ” Nicky was sitting in my lap, looking out the window at the trees going by, swiveling his head to catch the occasional patches of ocean visible from the road, not paying any attention to the two of us. He looked up at me, no suspicion, no wariness, no fear in his eyes. He was trusting me to take care of him.

Suppose whoever owned this van before me left a roach under the seat? Then it hit me. I had a hundred and twenty grand, more or less, wrapped up in a paper bag in one of my duffels. There might not be a law against it, but there’s nothing I can tell this bastard that will keep him from slapping those bracelets on me and taking me and Nicky to some police station until he’s satisfied I’m nothing more than a rich guy who likes to keep a lot of cash around, and not a bank robber. Or a burglar. I couldn’t believe I’d been so stupid.

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