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By Susen Faulhaber

In accordance with an empirical examine of English verbs, the writer discusses to what quantity complementation is predictable from which means by way of reading no matter if semantically related verbs additionally express a similar syntactic houses. the numerous variety of idiosyncrasies awarded carefully problem ways that think desiring to be the deciding upon strength in complementation.

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Example sentence (2a) is a VDE example to illustrate the meaning ‘conclusion’. e. the sentence does not indicate that a decision has actually been reached. (2b) is more conclusive and thus a more prototypical use of the meaning ‘come to conclusion’, for the simple reason that here a decision is definitely reached in the end which is also expressed through the phrase “take an hour”. Again this could not be confirmed in native speaker interviews. The sentences were judged to be synonymous, similarly to examples (3a) and (3c): (3a) could be interpreted as agree ‘conclusion’ as shows the parallel with (3b).

In order to provide for the possibility of generalization, semantic roles should be defined independently of the meaning of the verb (cf. 1). g. Ackerman and Moore (2001: 20) argue that “this kind of concrete and predicate-specific characterization of thematic roles provides a maximal differentiation of arguments, but raises the question as to what, if any, properties are shared among the arguments of different predicates … [and] whether the properties employed … are grammatically relevant or merely diacritic”.

Constructions are defined as “form-meaning pair[s]”, which – similarly to morphemes – are taken to be basic units of language (Goldberg 1995: 4). The construction itself is taken to carry meaning which must be added to the lexical verb meaning and the meaning of the other specific lexical items which are placed into the construction frame. The basic meaning of the lexical units thus remains stable, while different nuances of meaning within different uses of the same verb result from the construction meaning (Goldberg 1995: 11).

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