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By Larry Maddock

"Fast-paced, fascinating, comical!" that is how Fallen Angel studies describes the paintings of stand-up comedian Larry Maddock. Now from a similar years whilst he used to be writing the hilarious misadventures of that time-traveling symbiot Webley and his sidekick Hannibal Fortune, come 9 serio-comic capers basically Larry Maddock, Webley and Hannibal's author, and the writer of the number 1 bestselling comedy of gender, Nymph and the Satyr, may have concocted. integrated are each tale of hapless police officers and criminals Maddock ever wrote. From mythical guides like Ellery Queen, Mike Shayne and Alfred Hitchcock's secret magazines, comes a triple trio long-lost, by no means reprinted of comical crime classics, together with: "Innocent Bystander," "The nice Typewriter Robbery," "The dying Wish," "Delivered: One Stereo," "You cannot capture Me," "A subject of Timing," "The Honor System," "Unaccustomed as i'm to Public Dying," and "Everybody recalls Whatsisname." In "Innocent Bystander" Ryan is in a different place to polish within the box of legal company; yet even knowledgeable runs a danger whilst intercourse and enterprise turn into intertwined. In "Delivered: One Stereo," the police officers acquired there in time to avoid the crime; so how did the lighthearted legal nonetheless break out with the loot? In, "You cannot trap Me," a sardonic reporter with a penchant for revenge discovers darkish humor on the center of a really severe case. In "Unaccustomed as i'm to Public Dying," the homicide of a mayor in complete view of every person proves an writer can play reasonable, conceal the clues in simple sight, and nonetheless slip in additional than a snort or . Plus 5 different pleasant tales written with Maddock's inimitable comedian touch.

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I wondered, too, if he might have seen in her something more than just a welcome relief from the general run of nincompoops he was required to instruct. At nine o'clock that night the Larry Brenner Special Report came on; I taped it for reference. Florence Raglan was there, a tragic figure of grief. Perhaps it was the crumpled handkerchief in her hands that did it. If I hadn't known her, my heart would have gone out to her. Joe, too, had changed. By the time I'd watched five minutes, I realized I was looking at a side of Joe Raglan I'd never seen before.

The real secret is to work for a paper that pays you so poorly you're forced to moonlight. So you start writing up old murders for the true crime magazines; that puts you in the cop's office at ten-thirty at night when all the action starts. " "Fine, Mr. Shaffer. " "I don't know, kid. I just got here. " Pritchard grinned. " "If you promise me a fourteen point byline. I'm going to talk to her schoolmates today, find out what sort of girl she was”pardon me, is," I told him. " I spent a few minutes in the morgue giving Old Mayhew instructions to dig out every criminal Raglan had been instrumental in capturing, starting about five years ago and working backwards, in case the revenge theory was right.

The girl's character is the major trap, Joe. She's too precise, too clinical. She never touches anything without permission. Even a hi-fi. " Rocco, by now, had stopped pretending a lack of interest. "When you take a phone off the hook and dial one number, any number but 0, you kill the dial tone and open the line. In case somebody tried to call in they'd get a busy signal. Of course, if they really wanted to get through, they'd ask for a verifying operator to check the line. The operator plugs in just long enough to hear a voice; she's too busy to listen very long.

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