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By David Durand-Guédy

For almost a millennium, a wide a part of Asia used to be governed via Turkic or Mongol dynasties of nomadic foundation. What was once the perspective of those dynasties in the direction of the numerous towns they managed, a few of which have been of substantial measurement? To what volume did they stay like their topics? How did they evolve? Turko-Mongol Rulers, towns and City-life goals to increase the point of view at the factor of place of rule during this specific context by means of bringing jointly experts in a number of classes, from pre-Chingissid Eurasia to nineteenth-century Iran, and of assorted disciplines (history, archaeology, historical past of art).
Contributors comprise: Michal Biran, David Durand-Guédy, Kurt Franz, Peter Golden, Minoru Inaba, Nobuaki Kondo, Yuri Karev, Tomoko Masuya, Charles Melville, Jürgen Paul and Andrew Peacock

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194), with the production of works such as the Danishmend-name in thirteenth-century Konya, had practical implications: new alliances could be built on old memories. 46 In this respect, architecture was a key medium. The huge tent erected at 46 See Durand-Guédy 2013. introduction 17 Shangdu, the summer capital of the Yuans, was probably built as a replica of the one set up at Örmügetü, the summer camping ground of Ögödei, in the mountain west of Qaraqorum. For whose benefit was it set up? The same could be asked of the golden tent built on the roof of the royal palace in the Uighur capital.

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