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By Sushama Londhe

Due to the fact occasions immemorial, India has been synonymous with religious wisdom and folks were interested in her sacred land. a few have been philosophers, poets, writers, historians, scientists, and tourists. a few got here to India; others learn translations approximately her wealthy and innovative literature and felt real enthusiasm for her. The fourth Caliph within the seventh century is mentioned to have acknowledged - The land the place books have been first written and from the place knowledge and information sprang is India. regardless of the wars and imperialism, old India's religious impression and knowledge has had huge influence at the West, specially on its mind's eye, technology, and literature: English Romantic poetry specifically.

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2829 "How entirely does the Oupnekhat (Upanishad) breathe throughout the holy spirit of the Vedas! " India did not disappoint him. He found it in the Upanisadhic "tat twam asi", "that thou art". "In the whole world there is no study so beneficial and so elevating as that of the Upanishads. " Schopenhauer, who was in the habit, before going to bed, of performing his devotions from the pages ofthe Upanishads, regarded them as: "It has been the solace of my life - death. ' He also remarked: "How every line is of such strong, determined, and consistent meaning!

It is believed that it is they who were responsible for introducing, the now outdated, racist Aryan invasion theory. This idea portrayed that the Hindu scriptures were not really Indian and that Indians were incapable of developing their own faith. To believe otherwise, would have destroyed the European idea of its own supremacy. It served to justify the British Raj in India. In the early 19 t11 century, while pioneers in Indology were busy running down, denouncing, and discrediting anything Indian or Hindu, as primitive theology, astonishingly enough, there were many in the West who were enormously fascinated, were open minded and earnest in their spiritual quest, and many, who did acknowledge the Introduction xxxlii metaphysical loftiness and nobility of Hindu thought.

His second daughter, Louisa Alcott, became a world-famous writer, and his youngest daughter, May, was a critically acclaimed artist. When Ralph Waldo Emerson metAmos BronsonA1cott in Boston in the late 1830's, he was so impressed with his intellect and innovative ideas that he convinced him to move to Concord and join his circle of friends. 16 A Tribute to Hinduism Early in his life he was interested in the Quaker concept of "inner light" which is closer to the Hindu concept of the in-dwelling spirit in every man, the Atman or the Brahman.

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