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By Tin Lun Lam, Yangsheng Xu

Mountain climbing robotic is a hard study subject that has received a lot cognizance from researchers. many of the robots pronounced within the literature are designed to climb on artifical buildings, yet seldom robots are designed for mountain climbing common setting akin to bushes. timber and artifical constructions are very assorted in nature.

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4 Locomotion The locomotion of Treebot is similar to that of inchworms, which is a kind of bipedal locomotion. Fig. 13 shows a complete climbing gait of the locomotion. It is composed of six climbing procedures. 4 Locomotion 35 Linear motor Part A Part B Continuum body Wire Semi-passive Joint Front Gripper Joint unlock lock Extend Joint lock Fig. 10 Locking mechanism of the semi-passive joint. gripper that attaches to the substrate, while the square colored in white represents the opened gripper that detaches from the substrate.

One way to control Treebot is to input the length of each spring directly. However, it is not an intuitive method for human manipulation. , the concept of left, right, front, and back. As a result, to make an intuitive controller, we define three control FB and κ LR . Fig. , Sinput , κinput input FB controls of the control panel. Sinput controls the length of the continuum body, κinput LR controls the magnitude of left the magnitude of front and back bending while κinput and right bending. The concept of front is defined as the direction of positive x-axis, and the concept of left is defined as the direction of positive y-axis.

A) Fig. 12 Semi-passive joint: (a) unlocked; (b) locked. Fig. 13 A complete climbing gait of Treebot (moving forward). 5 Hardware Prototype 37 of the existing tree-climbing robots. Fig. 14 shows a sequence of climbing motions that allow it to avoid an obstacle on a tree. In the motion, Treebot first adjusts the direction of the rear gripper and then climb along that direction to avoid the obstacle. This method is also applicable for turning to another side of a branch or selecting a branch to climb.

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