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This publication deals readers a severe overview of transcendentalism, outlined because the knowing of recognition established as a procedure of a priori legislation of the brain. It indicates how the paintings of philosophers equivalent to Kant and Husserl knowledgeable later thinkers.

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If it did – on a greater scale more precisely – perhaps that which is antagonistic and adverse experience would not occur that often. This possibility seems unalienable, and its ideal actuality seems to be even stronger and become strengthened as the factual situation entails antagonisms and obstacles which obstruct its actualisation (thus realizing some kind of crisis which might motivate transcendence). In regard to Plato and his factual historical situation (Athens was living through some kind of crisis of life and rationality), it is not difficult to realize how this field of conflict and tension works and develops, and reaches a peak in realizing the necessity for distinguishing opinions and the first principles (genuine ideas), as this, so to speak, was secured for history (in the documented writings of Plato and the tradition established thereon) by the doctrine of ideas.

If this should be referred to in the more proper manner, it can be done by this reference: Immanuel Kant: Kritik der Reinen Vernunft, (A84/B116–A85/118). If we are using the German version, it will be Felix Meiner, Hamburg 1956/1976. ” Thus, it is our mode of cognition of objects in so far they are possible a priory, and a system of such conceptions would be called Transcendental Philosophy. Kant does, however, give some restrictions in regard to this and, as he now in a way is “defining” his methodological perspective for reflecting the whole context in which it itself now is to localize (itself), we should also take notice of this: “Still less let the reader here expect a critique of books and systems of pure reason; our present object is exclusively a critique of the faculty of pure reason itself.

52 An ambiguity still holds, however: even though the Kantian philosophy is superior in regard to dogmatism because of its destruction of dogmatism’s naïve starting point, and also because it discloses a guiding problem, the problem prior to any question of facts, namely the question: what is an existing thing quite universally [überhaupt]? – But even if this is a genuine problem leading to the constructive disclosure of the “transcendental” preconditions for sense (the founding sense-sphere), according to Fink, Kantianism does not pose this question of origin in a theoretical [or better: proper “rigorous” scientific] manner.

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