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By Victor Appleton II

Annoying, excited males gazed spaceward from the ships and planes of the South Atlantic job strength. different watchers waited breath-lessly within the keep an eye on room of the send Recoverer. between those used to be Tom quick Jr. "How with regards to earth is our Jupiter probe missi

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Both tore off their masks and flopped into the boat, shaking with laughter, surfacing and diving. " Zimby asked. When Tom told him about the dolphins, he too burst into laughter. The porpoises rose into view and convoyed the launch all the way back to the island. The boys were so jubilant over the performance of the new hydrolung gear that Tom decided to press his search for the Brungarian sea-prowlers immediately. Soon after lunch they took off in the Sea Hound and headed for the South Atlantic.

Said one, who was wearing a sergeant's stripes. The jeep had the words BEACH PATROL stenciled on it in white paint. "We just nailed these two Brungarian frogmen," Bud explained. "A sub put them ashore--probably as spies or saboteurs. " The startled sergeant turned a cold eye on the two prisoners. " When neither answered, he unholstered his revolver and covered them. "Better take off those wires and put bracelets on them, Mike," he told his fellow officer. The frogmen were handcuffed with cool efficiency and bundled into the jeep.

In a few minutes they were able to make it out dimly through the cabin window, dead ahead. S. Navy sub that I know of," Bud said. " Zimby asked. Bud chuckled. "That's the beauty of it, pal! Don't forget. With this new antidetection gear we're invisible to them. At least as long as they don't run into us or we into them," he added. "Or unless they have superdetection equipment we don't know about," cautioned Mel Flagler. As they talked, the unidentified submarine was bearing steadily toward the mainland.

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