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By Lawrence Block

Small-time stoolie, Jake " The Spinner" Jablon, made loads of new enemies whilst he switched careers, from informer to blackmailer. And the extra "clients", he figured, the more cash -- and extra humans desirous to see him useless. So not anyone is stunned while the pigeon is located floating within the East River together with his cranium bashed in. and what is worse, not anyone cares -- other than Matthew Scudder. The ex-cop-turned-private-eye is not any conscientious avenging angel. yet he is keen to danger his personal existence and limb to confront Spinner's such a lot murderously competitive marks. A job's a task in spite of everything -- and Scudder's been paid to discover a killer -- through the boost.

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Unless there was more to it than I knew about. Three of them, Prager and Ethridge and Huysendahl, and they had all been paying silence money to Spinner until one of them decided to make the silence permanent. All I had to do was find out which was which. And I really didn’t want to. For a couple of reasons. One of the best was that there was no way I could have as good a shot at the killer as the police could. All I had to do was dump Spinner’s envelope on the desk of a good Homicide cop and let him play it out.

I was sure he wouldn’t want to see me at all, actually, but she repeated my words and he couldn’t really avoid it. “He’ll see you now,” she said, and nodded her curly little head at a door marked PRIVATE. His office was spacious, the far wall all glass with a rather impressive view of a city that looks better the higher up you go. The decor was traditional, in sharp contrast to the harsh modern furnishings of the reception room. The walls were paneled in dark wood—individual boards, not the plywood stuff.

Mr. Jablon was an associate of mine. ” “Oh, a little of this, a little of that. Nothing as successful as your line of work, I’m afraid. ” “Large-scale projects. qrk 6/4/02 10:43 AM Page 43 TIME TO MURDER AND CREATE 43 “That’s hardly classified information, Mr. ” He looked at me. “Actually, the phrase you just used. ” “My associate Mr. ” “I don’t see how—” “He retired,” I said. “He was a man who worked hard all his life, Mr. ” I took a silver dollar out of my pocket and gave it a spin, but, unlike Spinner, I kept my eyes on Prager’s face instead of on the coin.

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