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By Robert H. McKim

Thinking Visually

The workouts, puzzles, and psychological demanding situations during this booklet illustrate particular different types of visible pondering that then will be synthesized through scholars into problem-solving options, together with ambidextrous pondering, seeing through drawing, pattern-seeking, analytical seeing, and visible remember.

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When a system for visual group-think is devised, it will very likely incorporate a graphic computer system that will permit colleagues to ing, the exciting potential of the graphiC computer has not been fully realized. But what is in hypothetical or experimental form now will likely be in prevalent use in the near future. References 1. Mendelowitz, D. Drawing: A Study Guide. Holt, Rinehart & Winston . 2. McKellar, P. Imagination and Thinking. Basic Books. Recommended Reading Figure 5-1 . interact, even though they may be separated by thousands of miles.

Specifically, creative thinkers are ambidextrous: they use the symbolic left hand as well as the right, the right brain as well as the left. Learning to think visually is vital to this integrated kind of mental activity. References 1. Maslow, A. "Emotional Blocks to Creativity," in A Source Book for Creative Thinking (edited by S. Parnes and H. Harding). Scribner's. 2. Hadamard, J. The Psychology of Invention in the Mathematical Field. Princeton University Press. 3. Bartlett, F. Remembering. Cambridge University Press.

Breaking up old sketching habits can prove to be a powerful renewal strategy, for a new pattern of idea expression can readily open the gates through which all ideas must pass. Introductory List of Materials Markers: 1 nylon-tip pen (black) 1 ballpoint pen (black, medium point) 5 Magic Marker or Eagle Prismacolor felt-tip markers (assorted colors). Note: when buying felt-tip markers, consider warm grays (Magic Markers #2 and #4 or Prismacolor 8971 and 8974, for example) for quickly rendered shading effects.

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