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By Carlos, Luis; Palacio Parada, Fernando

Fresh advances in applied sciences have created a necessity for sensing and measuring temperature on the nanoscale. This problem calls for new ways and new options, seeing that traditional thermometry isn't legitimate at this scale. Thermometry on the Nanoscale covers the basics of the topic, through person chapters on luminescence-based and non-luminescence dependent thermometry ideas, and finally  Read more...

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With increasing transverse dimensions of an object, the number of particles sitting on its surface quickly becomes vanishingly small compared to the number of particles in the bulk. For example, a sphere with radius r has a surface area 4pr2 and a volume (4p/3)r3, so that for a uniform particle density, the ratio of particles sitting on the surface over the total number scales as 1/r and thus becomes negligible as r goes to infinity. To analyze the existence of local temperatures, small parts of large systems are of interest.

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