By John Grisham

Theodore Boone is again in a brand new event, and the stakes are better than ever. whilst his ally, April, disappears from her bed room in the course of the evening, nobody, now not even Theo Boone--who is familiar with April higher than anyone--has solutions. As worry ripples via his small place of origin and the police hit lifeless ends, it really is as much as Theo to take advantage of his criminal wisdom and investigative abilities to chase down the reality and keep April. jam-packed with the page-turning suspense that made John Grisham a number 1 foreign bestseller and the undisputed grasp of the felony mystery, Theodore Boone's trials and triumphs will maintain readers guessing until eventually the very finish.

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The abduction appeared to have been rushed; whoever took April did not allow her to gather her things. Her laptop was left behind. Though her bedroom was fairly neat, there was some clothing strewn about, which made it difficult to determine if she had been able to pack. Probably not, the police thought. Her toothbrush was still by the sink. Her backpack was by her bed. Her pajamas were on the floor, so she at least had been allowed to change. Her mother, when she wasn’t crying or ranting, told the police that her daughter’s favorite blue-and-white sweater was not in the closet.

If this thug had April, then she was in serious trouble. Bolick continued, “Last night around seven thirty, Leeper here walks into the Korean Quick Shop four blocks away, buys cigarettes and beer, gets his face captured on the surveillance cameras. Not the smartest crook in the world. ” Theo blurted, his mouth dry with fear, his knees ready to buckle. “According to authorities in California, they found some letters from April in his prison cell. She was his pen pal, probably felt sorry for the guy ’cause he’s never supposed to get out of prison.

He had friends at school who’d never heard of Gertrude’s right there in Strattenburg. A few miles west of town, on the main highway, there was an ancient log cabin with a gas pump out front and a large sign advertising DUDLEY’S WORLD-FAMOUS MINT FUDGE. When Theo was younger, he naturally had assumed that everybody in town not only craved the mint fudge but talked about it nonstop. How else could it achieve the status of being world famous? Then one day in class the discussion took an odd turn and found its way to the topic of imports and exports.

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