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By Charles Willeford

While Miami murder Detective Hoke Moseley gets an unexplained order to enable his beard develop, he does not imagine a lot approximately it. He has an excessive amount of happening at domestic, particularly with a guy he helped convict ten years sooner than relocating in around the highway. Hoke instantly assumes the worst, and contemplating he has his former associate, who occurs to be nursing a infant, and his teenage daughters dwelling with him, he does not just like the scenario on bit. It does not support issues whilst he's unexpectedly assigned to paintings undercover, miles away, open air of his jurisdiction and with out his badge, his gun, or his the teeth. quickly, he's impersonating a drifter and tring to infiltrate a farm operation suspected of murdering migrant employees. but if he will get there for his task interview, the very last thing he's provided is work.

In this ultimate installment of the hugely acclaimed Hoke Moseley novels, Charles Willeford's brilliance and services exhibit on each web page. both humorous, exciting, and hectic, the best way We Die now's a successful end to 1 of the main unique detective sequence of all time.

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Sue Ellen shrugged. " Hoke cleared his throat. "I don't think I'll be able to make it either, Ellita. " "You have to come, Hoke," Ellita said. "Tbo Arnoldo doesn't know any Americans, and Mama's already told him that I live here with you. " Aileen returned from the kitchen and handed Hoke the Tabasco sauce. He unscrewed the top and sprinkled his pork liberally. "That doesn't make any sense," Hoke said. "Whether Sue Ellen or I come or not-or Aileen-makes no difference. We're not related to your uncle.

Ellita put her utensils down and looked sideways at Sue Ellen. "As a favor to me, Sue Ellen, I'd like to ask you one more time. Please dye your hair back to its natural color for Sunday, and I'll help you dye it blue again on Monday. Mama wants Sunday to be a very special party for Uncle Arnoldo, and she says it would upset him to see blue hair on a woman. " Sue Ellen shook her head. "No, Ellita. If he's going to live here, he'll have to accept America as it is, and it might do him good to see blue hair.

I know, but it'll make it easier for Ellita. " Hoke grinned. "You've picked up a few Spanish words, haven't youƒ" "I hear the Cuban dudes talking behind my back at the car wash. They make jokes about my blue pubic hair, too- but not to my face. " "If you want my opinion-" Aileen said. " "-I think it looks gnarly. " "That's enough about hair at the dinner table," Hoke said. " Sue Ellen glared at her sister for a moment and then doused her pork with criollo sauce without speaking. Pepe awoke and started to cry.

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