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By Ann-Marie MacDonald

The optimism of the early sixties, infused with the thrill of the distance race and the threat of the chilly warfare, is filtered in the course of the wealthy mind's eye of high-spirited, eight-year-old Madeleine, who welcomes her family's posting to a quiet Air strength base close to the Canadian border. safe within the love of her appealing mom, she is unaware that her father, Jack, is stuck up in an online of secrets and techniques. while a really neighborhood homicide intersects with worldwide forces, Jack needs to make a decision the place his loyalties lie, and Madeleine should be pressured to benefit a lesson concerning the ambiguity ofhuman morality -- one she's going to simply start to comprehend while she contains herquest for the reality, and the killer, into maturity 20 years later.

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Memory falls in the rain. You drink memory. In winter you make snow angels out of memory. Twenty-five miles north of London lies the Royal Canadian Air Force Station at Centralia. RCAF Centralia. Don’t look for it now, it has lost its memory. A temporary place, for temporary people, it was constructed so that memory would not adhere, but slip away like an egg from a pan. Constructed to resist time. The station is named for the nearby village of Centralia, but there the resemblance ends. The village is old and getting older.

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