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By Tania Notarius

''The Verb in Archaic Biblical Poetry'' via Tania Notarius indicates a discursive, formal, and historical-linguistic research of the demanding method within the corpus of archaic biblical poetry

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Anderson 1982: 231; Bybee, Perkins, and Pagliuca 1994: 52ff. , Eskhult 1990; Gibson 1994; for alternative views see Cook 2004; Hatav 2004; Anstey 2005: 99. 77 Thus Garr 1998: xlii–xliii; Joosten 2002: 58: “QATAL should be described primarily as a perfect;” cf.  das Althebräische ein primär aspektuell ausgerichtetes verbales Funktionssystem besitzt. Es besteht aus drei zentrale Kategorien, a) der Kurzform der Präfixkonjugation, b) der Langform der Präfixkonjugation und c) der Suffixkonjugation. Die Kategorien (a) und (c) sind perfective, die Kategorie (b) ist imperfective”.

6 1 See Sappan 1981; Joüon and Muraoka 2006: §3d; Lunn 2006: 1–4; Tatu 2008: 8; Joosten 2012a: 8; cf. also Bloch 1946 For a fuller review, which is partly followed into this chapter, see Notarius 2005. 2 See, specifically, Driver 1953; Sáenz-Badillos 1993: 56–60; ‘poetic’ forms and words are regularly registered by Gesenius, Kautzsch, and Cowley 1910 and BDB. 3 above. 4 Cf. Gibson 1994: 78. 5 Lunn 2006; but see the review in Holmstedt 2009b. 6 The theory of defamiliarization, formulated by Shklovsky 1917 (see the preliminary notes in n.

Some scholars have interpreted the modal meanings of the imperfect ‫ יקטל‬not as a semantic property, but as an implication of its temporal meaning of future (Hendel 1996: 169) or aspectual meaning of imperfective (Garr 1998: lii–liv). The semantic connection of the imperfect ‫ יקטל‬and the form of waw-consecutive perfect ‫וקטל‬ is expressed in many approaches; see Joosten 1999a: 25–26; 2002: 68. However, it is not relevant for the approaches that do not see the waw-consecutive perfect ‫ וקטל‬as a selfstanding inflectional form; cf.

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