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By Georgette Heyer

A houseful of individuals he loathes isn't really Sir Arthur's worst challenge… it may were a stunning English country-house weekend. however the unlucky guest-list is sufficient to exasperate a saint, and the host, Sir Arthur Billington-Smith, is an abusive wretch hated via every body from his disinherited son to his wife's stoic would-be lover. whilst Sir Arthur is located stabbed to loss of life, nobody is especially grieved—and nobody has an alibi. the sad site visitors fi nd themselves below the scrutiny of Scotland Yard's cool-headed Inspector Harding, who has solved tricky instances before—but this time, the proficient younger inspector discovers even more than he is bargained for. compliment FOR GEORGETTE HEYER: "Miss Heyer has the pleasant expertise of mixing humor with mystery." Boston night Transcript "Heyer is an writer to read—this potential you!" big apple usher in Tribune "Miss Heyer's characters and discussion are an abiding pride to me... i've got seldom met humans to whom i've got taken so violent a complicated from the observe 'Go.'" Dorothy L. Sayers

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It’s the most ridiculous rot for Fay to talk about Father not liking it. Why, when he realises –’ ‘Look here, Geoffrey,’ interposed Dinah, ‘I expect it’s all just as you say; in fact, I can see Lola’s a stupendous person; but you ought to pull yourself together. ’ Geoffrey’s face fell. ‘But now he’s seen her? I knew it would be no good just telling him, but when he sees her for 28 Y The Unfinished Clue himself, and talks to her – why, she’ll twist him round her little finger! ’ ‘She won’t twist Arthur,’ said Dinah flatly.

But he did wish he hadn’t let her persuade him into coming down here. It was all very well to talk about free board and lodging, and naturally he saw the force of that argument, for that was the way one lived nowadays, making oneself agreeable to people for the sake of a dinner that hadn’t been prepared by a slut of a cook who ruined everything she touched. If you liked soft living and pretty things you had to swallow your pride to get them when you were saddled with a rotten crock of a husband who couldn’t earn more than five hundred a year if he lived to be ninety.

Of course I wouldn’t give you gin. Good God, if anything happened to you through my fault I should be fit to shoot myself ! ’ ‘Well, I will taste your cocktail,’ Lola said, relenting, ‘Because I do not wish to make trouble, and I see that through the fault of your papa this house is not well-run. But when you have told him that I wish absinthe he will attend to it. ’ Dinah gave a sudden gurgle, hastily choked, and began to pour out a delicately pink liquid from the shaker. Lola looked inquiringly at her, but she shook her head.

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