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By Lawrence Block, Gregory Gorton

Whilst a stripper is murdered onstage, Chip Harrison needs to placed his sexual frustration apart to find the mobster responsible.123 murders. that is the statistic that will get Chip Harrison's attention--that and the lady who experiences it: a statuesque stripper and beginner ichthyologist who has come to him for aid catching the killer of her 123 infrequent fish. yet it is the 124th victim--this time a human--who attracts Chip and his mentor, porcine super-sleuth Leo Haig, right into a global of dressing rooms and straightforward demise, the place the poison kills quick and the easiest clues are chanced on among the sheets. Catching the killer is difficult, yet Chip's genuine problem is staying alive lengthy adequate to get the stripper to take off her outfits.

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Tattersall was that she lived in the apartment immediately below hers and was a pain in the ass, constantly complaining about noise, even when no noise whatsoever was emanating from the apartment. She had on one occasion reported Tulip and Cherry to the police, alleging that the two were running a bordello in their apartment. Tulip wasn’t sure whether the woman actually believed this or was just making a nuisance of herself. “She’s the sort of frustrated old bitch who might poison somebody’s pets just out of meanness,” Tulip said.

I think she brought his name up because she didn’t like him. So I had those nine names in my notebook, and there was a fourteen-hour period of time during which any of them could have gone to Tulip’s apartment and done something fishy to her fish. Possibly any or all of them could account for their time, but Tulip didn’t know about it. And possibly one of the fourteen million other residents of the New York metropolitan area was the killer. I mean, if you’re going to do something as fundamentally insane as feeding strychnine to tropical fish, they wouldn’t have to be the fish of someone you know, would they?

He got into some rather clinical anatomical detail and I gave some further thought to hitting him. Or I could do something less extreme. I could tip my beer into his lap, for example. It was about that time that Tulip noticed I was there. You might have thought she would have spotted me right off, but you have to remember that she was up on an elevated platform with a bright spotlight in her eyes, and that the rest of the room was dark. Also she was off to the side so that I was not standing directly in front of her.

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