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By Liliane Haegeman

During this new publication Liliane Haegeman offers an account of sentential negation inside of a central authority and Binding framework. development at the paintings of Klima and Lasnik, Haegeman demonstrates the parallelism among damaging sentences and interrogative sentences, and offers a unified research when it comes to a well-formedness on syntactic representations: the have an effect on criterion, instantiated because the WH criterion in interrogative sentences and because the NEG criterion in unfavourable sentences. it's proven that during an identical approach that during many languages the WH criterion supplies upward thrust to WH circulate, the NEG criterion can also supply upward push to NEG stream. This e-book could be of curiosity to all these engaged on theoretical syntax, relatively of the Germanic and Romance languages.

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Again the timing of the movement is morphology-driven. The reader should be aware that for expository reasons I represent the checking formalism in a representational format. As mentioned before, in the Minimalist Program clause structure is assembled stepwise (cf. 2), and the lexical projections are gradually extended by higher functional projections. For a more accurate rendering of the processes of structure building the reader is referred to the literature. 3 Pollock (1993) In his original discussion of the split-Infl hypothesis (1989), Pollock argued that the hierarchy of functional projections in English and French was as in (33a): (33) a.

In (62a), for instance, the WH-operator when heads a chain created by movement; the sentential scope of the WH-phrase in situ is represented by the expletive scope marker which is adjoined to the overt operator. Anticipating the discussion in chapters 2 and especially 4 I represent the expletive scope marker as OP. (62) a. When did you see whom?

Spec,CP] is left-peripheral, and we have argued that, not being associated with one specific grammatical function, it is an A'-position. This means that in fact [Spec,CP] is a scope position. This conclusion is rather welcome in view of the fact that semantically WH-phrases such as who are like quantifiers. The interpretation of (15a) can be represented as in (15b): (15) b. 3 we end up with the following organization of our grammar: 18 Introduction (16) The T-model D-structure S-structure D-structure encodes the lexical properties of the heads, their selectional properties etc.

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