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By S.M. Stirling

The Stone canines is the 3rd of 4 books of S.M. Stirling's trade background sequence, The Domination. throughout the chilly struggle among the Alliance and the Domination, Frederic and Marya paintings for the OSS as spies and assassins.During the Draka conquest of India, Marya Lefarge is taken prisoner. She turns into a serf to Yolande Ingolfsson, who after torturing her time and again with a neural weapon, forces her to turn into a "brooder" (i.e. a surrogate mom) for her offspring, Gwendolyn. Yolande additionally swears vengeance on Fred Lefarge after he kills her lover, Myfanwy Venders, throughout the Indian Incident.As either superpowers extend into house, they organize various doomsday guns. The Alliance's weapon is a working laptop or computer virus ("comp plague") secretly planted in Draka army desktops by way of spies; the Draka's is a organic virus referred to as the Stone canines that factors contaminated group of workers to move insane. Yolande discovers Marya, who has contacted the OSS, planting the comp-plague and permits her to flee with wisdom of the Stone canine. This forces her uncle, Archon Eric von Shrakenberg, to take advantage of the weapon upfront. The Draka win the ensuing clash; even if, their incomplete victory ends up in Eric negotiating an association whereupon the Alliance is permitted to release its iteration send "The New the US" and the rest Alliance survivors in area are granted constrained Draka citizenship.

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They necessary, an' mighty nice in they own way. Anyways, take things as they come. " The serf produced a handkerchief, and proceeded to wipe Yolande's face.

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