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By Randolph Silliman Bourne

Randolph Silliman Bourne (1886-1918) was once a innovative author and public highbrow born in Bloomfield, New Jersey, and a graduate of Columbia college. Bourne is better recognized for his essays, specifically warfare is the overall healthiness of the nation, which remained unfinished while discovered after his demise. Bourne's articles seemed within the journal, The Seven Arts and the hot Republic, between different journals of the day. He used to be significantly encouraged by way of Horace Kallen's 1915 essay Democracy as opposed to the Melting-Pot, and argued, like Kallen, that Americanism ought to not be linked to Anglo-Saxonism. In his 1916 article Trans- nationwide the United States, Bourne argued that the U.S. may still accommodate immigrant cultures right into a cosmopolitan the United States, rather than forcing immigrants to assimilate to Anglophilic tradition. He used to be born with a deformed face and basically a hunchback. He chronicled his reports in his essay titled, The Handicapped.

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The Eastern and Northern capitalists soon saw the advantage ofsupportingSouthern country gentleman slave-power as against the free-soil pioneer. Bad generalship on the part of this coalition allowed a Western free-soil minority President to slip into office and brought on the Civil War, which smashed the slave power and left Northern capital in undisputed possession of a field against which the pioneer could: make only sporadic and ineffective revolts. From the CivilWar to the death ofMark Hanna, the propertied capitalist industrial classes ran a triumphal career in possession of the State.

Of offices and functions which you take for granted. When we say that Americans are lawless, we usually mean that they are less conscious than other peoples of the August majesty of the institution of the State as it stands behind the objective government of men and laws which we see~ In a republic the men who hold office are distinguishable from the mass. Very few of them possess the slightest personal dignity with which they could endow their political role, even if they ever thought of such athing.

For the new State started with no Quixotic belief in universal suffrage. The property qualifications which were in effect in every colony were continued. GQvernment was frankly a function of those who held a concrete interest in the public we~l, in the shape of visible property. The responsibility for the security of property rights could safely lie only with those who had something to secure. The "stake" in the commonwealth which those who held office most possess was obviously larger. The State + 37 The Party System One of the larger errors of political insight which the sage founders of the Constitution committed was to assume that the enfranchised watchdogs of property and the public order would remain a'homogeneous oclass,.

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