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According to Husserl, the ideal-objective meaning-content is thus not individuated with the particular acts, but is one and the same in relation to the manifold of possible subjective experiences. The objectivity of truth is the main presupposition of Husserl’s own idea of logic and epistemology. Husserl holds that the ideal and objective being of truth presupposes the ideal and objective being of meaning, as that to which truth is ascribed (XVIII, 138). Truth does not lie in the judgement, in the sense of a subjective, mental act, but “all truth lies in propositions” (XVIII, 164), in the sense of objective contents of possible judgements.

Now, if logic is the practical discipline that is to further our recognition of truth, then the logical laws must of course be propositions belonging to psychology, since they are propositions that spell out the mental conditions on which the presence or absence of this feeling of evidence depends. 3 However, in abstraction from this particular way of conceiving the link between the psychology of cognition and the theory of truth, Husserl’s account captures a crucial problem for psychologism, namely to establish a link to truth, as distinct from the state of holding to be true or believing.

Truth, meaning and the phenomenon of the world I will conclude this attempt to trace the problem of empirical meaning in Husserl’s work by taking a look at two more inter-textual references of importance to the present interpretation. First, let us return to the second preface of the Logical Investigations. After having referred to the essential insufficiency of the concept of “truth in itself” in the Prolegomena, as “too one-sidedly orientated towards the vérités de raison”, Husserl declares that the “sixth investigation (now the second part of the second volume) brings in necessary clarification in this respect” (XVIII, 12).

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