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By Arthur W. Upfield

The police by no means discover the small element within the historical past of a police photo of an deserted vehicle. A aspect that tells Detective Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte it appears that evidently that the mysterious disappearance of Luke Marks close to Windee Station is something yet accidental.

Why had Luke Marks pushed specifically out to Windee? Had he been murdered or had he, because the neighborhood police believed, wandered clear of his motor vehicle and been crushed in a dust-storm? Bony feels the solutions lie someplace within the sands of Windee.

Also to be had within the Arthur Upfield assortment are: The nice Melbourne Cup Mystery, Bushranger of the Skies, Death of a Swagman, and An writer Bites the Dust.

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Six days after Marks left the homestead his car was found four chains off the road north of the junction. It was in perfect order. There was no sign of Marks. The country all about is a maze of low sand-ridges on which grow pine trees with a sprinkling of mulga. “I was notified by telephone and went out at once to the abandoned car. Of tracks there were none, for the ground was sandy and dry, and there’d been two windstorms since Marks was last seen. Nevertheless, I organized Mr Stanton’s men on a wide and thorough search, and took two native trackers from a small tribe camped near the homestead in an effort to pick up tracks near the car.

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