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By George Kovacs

George Kovacs poses the matter of examining the assumption of God as a strategy of wondering and therefore topics Heidegger's phenomenological existentialism to a technique of exposition Heidegger himself hired.

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How are comparisons possible between it and the immanent moments of the phenomenon? How then further will we come to understand perceptual beliefs, which relate to the actual Being of the perceived object and which now are "confirmed" and now [20] 15 "conflict," now get determined more precisely and now possibly are determined in a completely novel way through new perceptions which bring the object to "ever more complete" givenness and show in ever new directions "what the object is in actuality"?

That is, I cannot be satisfied with all the evidence of judgments but must bring to pure givenness the evidence-consciousness itself according to all its moments, must follow its alterations, and subject it to an analysis which will establish, purely intuitively, what actually lies there, what lies in the essence of such nexuses of lived 30 experiences. Instead of living in the evidences, I consider them and comport myself to them purely by considering and analyzing purely immanently what is given there absolutely and indubitably.

All these sciences speak: of reality, which we see, or touch, or grasp by some other sense, and to which we have psycho-physical relations by means of our Body. The scientific grasp of the world may be very far removed from that of prescientific experience, and science may indeed teach that the sense qualities have no immediate Objective reference such as natural experience attributes to them. , give to the sciences the things which they determine theoretically - merely by deviating from the ordinary modes of thought.

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