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By Paul Doherty

It truly is 1301 and a delicate peace exists among Edward of britain and Philip IV of France. within the fetid alleys and slums of London and Paris it's a assorted subject. right here the key brokers of either nations nonetheless struggle their very own, silent, lethal battles. The Prince of Wales wallows in luxurious less than the sinister effect of his favorite, Gaveston, who has mystery political pursuits to dominate the younger prince and the English crown. those scandals are threatened with publicity whilst woman Belmont, the prince's former mistress, is located useless, her neck damaged, on the foot of a nunnery's steps. was once it suicide? An coincidence? Or malicious homicide? Edward turns to his grasp secret agent, Hugh Corbett, to unravel the secret. In doing so, Corbett needs to face the lethal contention of his French counterpart, the murderous rage of Gaveston and the silent threats of assassins. He also needs to take care of the lies and silken deceits of his personal grasp.

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The breach between father and son is permanent. The King would like to banish Gaveston but this may well lead to civil war which would only assist the Scots and certainly draw in the French. Item - Philip IV of France had demanded the removal of Eleanor Belmont, and the Lord Edward had been only too pleased to agree with this. Eleanor had been placed under virtual house arrest in Godstowe Priory, a place the Prince could control from his nearby palace of Woodstock. Item - were the rumours true that the Lady Eleanor had been ill of a malady of the breast and did the Prince send medicines to her?

The Lady Eleanor asked for Dame Agatha,' the Prioress interrupted. ' Corbett asked the young nun. 'Oh, quite happy but rather secretive. ' The young nun looked sideways, warning Corbett with her eyes that she wished to say something but dare not here. 'Of course,' she replied. 'As sacristan I went to church early to prepare the altar. ' The tall, ascetic nun nodded. Corbett realised the implication of her question. ' The Prioress paused, fingers to her lips. 'She was seen just before Compline.

Ranulf stirred, easing his aching backside as he urged his horse through the manor gates. She had changed Corbett Oh, his master was still secretive and withdrawn, but more even-tempered, cooler and more calculating. On previous occasions Corbett had worked in the Chancery, accepting individual assignments for the old King. Now all that had changed. Corbett acted as if he loved the intrigue, building up a system of spies which stretched like some huge net from Rome to Avignon, Paris, Lille, Edinburgh and Dublin.

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