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By Francesco Alfieri

This publication examines the phenomenological anthropology of Edith Stein. It in particular specializes in the query which Stein addressed in her paintings Finite and everlasting Being: what's the foundational precept that makes the person specific and unrepeatable in the human species? conventional analyses of Edith Stein’s writings have tended to border her perspectives in this factor as being motivated by way of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas, whereas neglecting her curiosity within the lesser-known determine of Duns Scotus. but, as this e-book exhibits, with reference to the query of individuality, Stein used to be serious of Aquinas’ strategy, discovering that of Duns Scotus to be extra convincing. on the way to get to the center of Stein’s readings of Duns Scotus, this ebook appears to be like at her released writings and her own correspondence, as well as undertaking a meticulous research of the unique codexes on which her resources have been established. Written with diligence and aptitude, the ebook severely evaluates the authenticity of Stein’s resources and exhibits how the placement of Scotus himself advanced. It highlights the originality of Stein’s contribution, which used to be to rediscover the relevance of Mediaeval scholastic concept and reinterpret it within the language of the Phenomenological college based by way of Edmund Husserl.

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Quid sit instans, quomodo ad tempus comparetur? q24. Utrum instans possit dividi secundum rationem mensurae, et per diversos respectus possit opposita mensurare? q25. Utrum Christus sit unum, vel plura? q26. 1 (continued) ff. 102ra-103ra ff. 130ra-131rb ff. 103ra-103vb ff. 131ra-132rb – – 2 ff. 117ra-123rb ff. 123ra-125vb ff. 125va-128rb ff. 128ra-129rb ff. 99ra-104rb ff. 104ra-109vb ff. 109va-117rb ff. 69va-74vb ff. 74vb-80ra ff. 80ra-84va ff. 84va-88rb ff. 88rb-94vb ff. 94vb-98rb ff. 98rb-100rb ff.

III, art. 2, No. 82); ut ostensum fuit in alia quaestione (q. V, art. 2, No. 155); sicut visum est in quaestione de unitate princiipii (q. V, art. 2, No. 160); ut in praecedenti patuit quaestione (q. VI, art. 1, No. 164); ut ostensum fuerat supra in quadam quaestione de primitate (q. VI, art. 1, No. 171). Delorme notes that the first four quaestiones in codex T begin by following the typical pattern of scholastic disputes, with arguments for and against. All these arguments are completely omitted in codex Is.

38ra-42ra) XI. Utrum anima sit sua potentia. Circa istam quaestionem primo oportet videre…| et oportet, ut dictum est, quod illi respectus secundum relationes obiectorum determinentur, et sint organicae et non organicae, modo supra dicto (fols. 42ra-46va) XII. Utrum sensitiva hominis sit in qualibet parte corporis. Respondeo: quatuor sunt hic videnda circa aspectum quem habet anima…| Teneatis quod vultis: primus modus videtur michi ad presens probabilior (fols. 46va-48rb) 68 Delorme F. (1926), p.

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