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The establishment of common institutions throughout the empire did not put an end to provincial differences and particulars. Direct Ottoman rule co-existed with the institution of Christian vassal-states. For some of these states, the tribute-paying status proved to be only a preliminary phase before their full annexation, while for others it proved to be a lasting solution. The Ottoman Empire was an Islamic state. Thus, it relied heavily on the Muslim Law (Sharia). Based on the Koran and on the Tradition (sunna, composed from stories which recollected the way Prophet Muhammad had acted on various occasions), the Muslim Law had been developed during the Middle Ages and also later by various scholars (ulema).

Locate on the map the territories listed in the title of Süleyman. Find out which is missing. What message does a ruler send out, by using such a title? 30 52 The old Persian capital of Ctesiphon, in present-day Iraq. II-2. The qualities of the ideal ruler a s r e p r e s e n te d i n a p o e m d e d i c a te d by Celâlzâde to sultan Selim II (1566-1574) He who desires to be a good king Should have a stone for a pillow Let him give up his comfort, let him give up drinking Let him have no friendship with the undeserving May the ignorant be away from him As they say, children have little wisdom Those who are enamoured of the state Those who are masters of the high shrine They should risk their head and their life They should be eager to fight at any given time […] If and when you are the sultan of the world, clean and complete Never send a smile to the face of the effeminate THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE Lend an ear to a truthful word if you are intelligent Receive and accept it if you are really modest [ehl-i dil] A real man is one whose views are ripe and moderate There is no jealousy, revenge or fury in his heart Let the good-doer fear God, our deity, all the time Let his eyes see the difference between the head and the tail The advice to the ruler was a literary genre used extensively in the medieval and early modern world.

285. In what situations are the Hungarians In all my life, I have never seen so much woe in this country. As far as I can see, as far as I can send my attendants and still see them return, they are reporting that [the Turks] are all around above Šmarje: in Turjak, C ušperk, Dobrepolje, Nadlišek, Karnek, Žužemberk, í THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE Suha krajina, Ribnica, Koc evje. In these districts they burned everything and, there is no doubt, took the inhabitants and cattle. […] poor people had barely gathered in the harvest and were just ready to start the threshing.

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