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By Aschoff, Nicole Marie; Gates, Bill; Mackey, John; Sandberg, Sheryl; Winfrey, Oprah

A deft and caustic takedown of the hot prophets of revenue, from invoice Gates to Oprah

As serious environmental degradation, breathtaking inequality, and extending alienation push capitalism opposed to its personal contradictions, mythmaking has turn into as important to maintaining our economic system as profitmaking.

input the hot prophets of capital: Sheryl Sandberg touting the capitalist paintings ethic because the antidote to gender inequality; John Mackey promising that unfastened markets will heal the planet; Oprah Winfrey urging us to discover recommendations to poverty and alienation inside ourselves; and invoice and Melinda Gates delivering the generosity of the 1 percentage because the solution to a power, systemic inequality. the hot prophets of capital buttress an exploitative approach, at the same time the cracks develop extra obvious

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Countless retellings of the bitter campaigns to organize Pullman sleeping car porters and the 1930s autoworker sit-down strikes turned people like A. Philip Randolph and Walter Reuther into working-class heroes. Stories that challenge the status quo are not just about the economic logic of production, profits, and class struggle. The circuits of power in capitalist society are bolstered by systems of oppression and domination that extend beyond class to gender, race, and sexuality. The 1950s and 1960s were alive with stories about the anger of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King and Malcolm X at Jim Crow and racism.

The only problem was that Jen was raising fourteen-month-old twins at the time, working part time, and not getting much help from her husband. Jen hesitated to accept the offer, fearful of “upsetting the current order” at home. ”34 Things worked out great for Jen Holleran, but the position she leaned into undermines the position of hundreds of other women—Newark school teachers. A core goal of Startup: Education was to institute a merit pay program for Newark’s teachers. 35 Hundreds of teachers who have been deemed “unsatisfactory” are being kept on payroll as substitute teachers and rotated between Newark’s seventy schools while city officials and Newark school reformers use Startup and other funds to develop a buyout program similar to programs used in New York and Houston.

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