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Others concur with this view. ” 76 But despite an astonishing lack of evidence for any psychological factors correlated with chronic pain, the diagnosis persists. Though the DSM criteria are not used very often, some doctors regularly label pains psychogenic or the result of malingering, much to the dismay, frustration, and consternation of their patients. It should be a question of importance why this is the case. I believe that a large part of the blame can be laid at the feet of these medical doctors and other health-care providers.

To presume that I am required to answer fully the latter before I can believe the former is to confuse answering whether x’s are part of the natural world with specifying the relationship between x and properties of things that instantiate x. It is to hold that one needs a completed science before metaphysics can even begin, instead of considering a metaphysical framework prior to empirical investigation. 48 Chapter 3 Setting this issue aside for the moment, let us turn our attention to exploring the afªrmative answer to the ªrst question, which materialists must give unequivocally.

But so far as physics is concerned, the speciªcation of one set of fundamental particles is pretty much like any other set. From the vantage point of quantum mechanics, there really is nothing to distinguish an instance of sexual abuse from appropriate sexual behavior from physical abuse, nor is there anything to distinguish pelvic pain from shoulder aches from indigestion. Sexual abuse requires at least two people, at least one of whom is cognizant of what he or she is doing to the other person.

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