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Passed through the spiral, from a small connected to the wires C and D, so as to heat it to a battery white heat. The is a bright spiral then emits electrons. is K metal block supported by a copper rod sealed through glass at T. Several copper plates are welded to the rod between T and P as shown, so as to expose a large surface to the air with the object of keeping the rod from getting too hot. The FIG. 17 copper rod and metal block so that the electrons and rush into it K from the are strongly charged positively spiral are attracted by the block with great velocity.

A collision between an alpha-ray and a proton is liKfe one between the car and a rock weighing one thousand pounds. In this case the car will be very seriously affected and will not go straight on. The alpha-rays give practically straight tracks in air so clear that they do not collide with protons, but only with electrons. They knock electrons but not protons out of that it is the air atoms. This shows that practically all the space inside MYSTERIES OF THE ATOM 26 the atoms contains no protons, but only electrons, for if the electrons and protons were uniformly distributed throughout the atoms, then the alpha-rays would be as likely to knock out protons as electrons, since there are as many protons in the electrons.

R. Wilson in the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge in England. A description of his apparatus is given in Appendix 4. Fig. 4 shows a sketch of the alpha-ray tracks from a particle of radium obtained in this way. The alpha-rays are gradually slowed down by their collisions with the air mole- cules so that they only a few inches before they are stopped. go 24 THE STRUCTURE OF ATOMS 25 be seen that they all go about the same distance, which shows that they are all shot out from the radium at the same These photographs seem to show very clearly that speed.

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