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By Bert Peeters

Questions about the precise nature of linguistic in preference to non-linguistic wisdom were requested for so long as people have studied language, be it as linguists, philosophers, psychologists, language lecturers, semioticians or cognitive scientists. This contrast has been maintained and defended by way of a few, attacked and deserted by means of others. via especially commissioned papers for this, the 5th quantity within the Current study in Semantics/Pragmatics Interface sequence, members argue either for and opposed to the excellence among lexical wisdom and encyclopedic wisdom and debate the way it might be drawn.

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1 ju to which he belongs. 2424 conceived. One year before Haiman (1980) saw the light of day, Klinkenberg spoke about semantic and encyclopedic knowledge at a Vienna semiotics conference. He argued, unlike Haiman, that the two were distinct. Parts of the conference paper, published five years after the event (Klinkenberg 1984) were used in another relevant text (Klinkenberg 1983), published the year before. 1I will mainly mainly refer to the latter. Klinkenberg's (1983:295) demonstration revolves around the French utterance Je viens de refire retire Greimas 'I have just been rereading Greimas'.

Rules". They then note note that "the question of of whether the DM Encyclopedia can or should perform this licensing function, or how, how, if at all, all, expressions formed by 'non-productive' mechanisms of of the grammar are to be specially treated, treated, is currently under investigation". 28 26 Bert Peeters 7. Katz & & Fodor's legacy Allan (1992:356 = 1995:293) notes that, that, before the 1980s, it was "normal practice" practice" to favour "parsimonious "parsimonious dictionary knowledge" against "elaborated "elaborated encyclopedic knowledge".

Depending on the context, context, either the verb read or the verb write are "drawn" from the qualia structure structure associated with the noun book, and their type (which is the expected one after a verb such as begin) is superposed upon the type of the NP book. For relevant criticism, cf. Reboul (this volume), as well as the various "French "French sources" mentioned above (except, of course, Pustejovsky & Bouillon 1995). jovsky 6. Distributed Distributed Morphology Whereas Pustejovsky stores in the lexicon information that many would rather treat as encyclopedic, encyclopedic, those behind another fairly new model have done the exact opposite.

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