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By James Lochtefeld

-- From Abhang via Zodiac, those volumes comprise over 2,500 completely cross-referenced entries that essentially outline phrases and ideas on the topic of the ideals, practices, and historical past of Hinduism.
-- entire with black-and-white pictures illustrating architectural, biographical, geographical, and mythological entries.
-- Charts and maps supply further information.
-- 16-category indexes direct the reader to comparable terms.Hinduism is a greatly vital international faith not just due to its mythology and philosophy but in addition because of its wealthy cultural traditions. no matter if via epic narratives of affection and battle by means of Sanskrit poets, the drama and devotion of Hindu dancers, or the lessons of yoga masters, the unfold of Hinduism has enriched the lives of individuals during the world.This inclusive, two-volume encyclopedia comprises entries at the heritage, practices, and ideology of Hinduism, in addition to the artwork and structure, drugs, sects and social teams, and geographical facilities of the faith. it really is an important and hugely worthy source for each reference assortment.

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The Advaita school upholds a philosophical position known as monism, which is the belief that a single Ultimate Reality lies behind all things. Advaita proponents believe that reality is nondual (advaita)—that is, that everything in the world is actually the formless, unqualified Brahman, despite the appearance of difference and diversity. To support this claim, the Advaitins provide a convincing explanation for the world one perceives to have many separate and diverse things. Advaitans account for this apparent diversity by using the concept of adhyasa (superimposition), in which a false, mistaken understanding is projected upon a real object—in the classical Advaita example, seeing a rope in the twilight and mistaking it for a snake.

Through adoption the boy becomes a member of another family, but the legal texts disagree on his continuing relationship with his natal family. Many sources claim that an adopted son has no right to the inheritance of his natal family and no entitlement to offer funeral rites for those ancestors, since by adoption he has become part of another family. Other texts speak of special arrangements by which an adopted son is considered to have two fathers, one biological, one adopted. He inherits from, and performs ancestral rites for both fathers.

Accounts differ on whether Ahalya is aware of her lover’s identity—in some she is flattered by Indra’s attention, in others she is genuinely deceived. When Gautama discovers what has happened, he curses Ahalya to become a stone and Indra to have a thousand vaginas on his body, as a punishment for his lust. Gautama is later mollified into modifying the curses, so that Ahalya will remain a stone until she is touched by Rama’s foot, and Indra will be covered instead with a thousand eyes. This story primarily illustrates the power of the sages to curse even the gods, but the different versions also reveal varying assumptions about the nature of women.

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