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Offering a enjoyable and academic method to discover the wonders of the realm of technological know-how this advisor collects greater than 1,300 the main frequently asked and fascinating questions in a succinct, enjoyable, and academic demeanour. young ones and adults alike will get pleasure from uncovering a few of life’s maximum mysteries, together with how does a fax computing device works, which colour vehicle is the most secure, the adaptation among female and male lobsters, and what urban have the checklist for many snowstorm. With hassle-free writing, greater than a hundred photos, and dozens of graphs and tables, this guidebook is the proper reference for fixing the mysteries of technology.

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Philosopher’s stone was the name of a substance believed by medieval alchemists to have the power to change baser metals into gold or silver. It had, according to some, the power of prolonging life and of curing all injuries and diseases. The pursuit of it by alchemists led to the discovery of several chemical substances; however, the magical philosopher’s stone has since proved fictitious. Which elements are the “noble metals”? The noble metals are gold (Au, element 79), silver (Ag, element 47), mercury (Hg, element 80), and the platinum group, which includes platinum (Pt, element 78), palladium (Pd, element 46), iridium (Ir, element 77), rhodium (Rh, element 45), ruthenium (Ru, element 44), and osmium (Os, element 76).

26 M E A S U R E M E N T, M E T H O D O LO GY, E TC . The first national physics society in the United States was the American Physical Society, organized on May 20, 1899, at Columbia University in New York City. The first president was Henry Augustus Rowland. What was the first national chemical society organized in the United States? The first national chemical society in the United States was the American Chemical Society, organized in New York City on April 20, 1876. The first president was John William Draper (1811–1882).

What is heavy water? Heavy water, also called deuterium oxide (D20), is composed of oxygen and two hydrogen atoms in the form of deuterium, which has about twice the mass of normal hydrogen. As a result, heavy water has a molecular weight of about 20, while ordinary water has a molecular weight of about 18. Approximately one part heavy water can be found in 6,500 parts of ordinary water, and it may be extracted by fractional distillation. It is 25 used in thermonuclear weapons and nuclear reactors and as an isotopic tracer in studies of chemical and biochemical processes.

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